Personal Growth through Laughter and Play


During this interactive session, a Playfulness Coach will guide the group through purposeful play and mindfulness exercises aimed at improving personal growth. Each experience is designed to delightfully immerse participants in collaborative and mindful activities in a playful and safe environment that fosters teamwork and boosts confidence.

For only $20, you'll learn exercises that will help you:

🔸 Respond more skillfully in challenging situations
🔸 Become better listeners and communicators
🔸 Embrace a growth mindset to more efficiently think outside-the-box
🔸 Deepen awareness of how ideas come across to others
🔸 Examine habits and default responses and develop new ways to approach a situation

☀️ About Adam Rudder ☀️

Award-winning improviser and playfulness coach, Adam Rudder, has been teaching improv for over fifteen years. In addition to directing the critically acclaimed troupe, The Hinges, Adam has trained hundreds of improv students, many who have seen success in TV, film, and garnered immense followings on YouTube. He has also assisted countless business professionals in making dynamic breakthroughs in their careers. He continues to facilitate the improv art form to train teams and individuals to shift their mindsets and take quantum leaps in both their professional and personal lives. For the better part of a decade, Adam has also run two production companies, Moocha Pictures &, serving as a film producer, screenwriter, and director for numerous projects ranging from feature films and national commercials to branded entertainment for companies such as Disney and Google. Adam graduated with honors in Communication from the University of California at Santa Barbara.