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We focus on building joyfulness through the practice of Laughter Yoga (LY).

Joyfulness is an unconditional commitment to be happy, despite the challenges of life and is triggered at will by indulging in any joyful activity, including laughing. Happiness is a "conditional" response, which is related to 'how' your life was or dependent upon 'how' your life will be.

The well-established link between the body and mind, is the key to living a more joyful life. Whatever happens to the mind, also happens to the body. Therefore, in Laughter Yoga, we practice "Fake it 'til you make it" exercises, because the benefits of real vs fake laughter are the same. The body does not know the difference.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga include (but are not limited to): Stress Reduction, Social Connections through Group Dynamic and the Appearance of looking "younger". LY promotes: Improved oxygenation, Immune system boost, Feel-good hormones and Increased Circulation via "Internal Jogging" (Laughing).

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