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Joyful Entrepreneurs Network Melbourne is a supportive community of business owners who are committed to making a difference in the world and leading by example.
FUN is serious business!! This group supports each other in working with ease rather than harder and unlocking their inner potential through joy.

This community understands that accessing the genius brain comes with learning through abundance. We support each other to grow ourselves which in turn then grows our business.

Members of our group are:

- innovators and understand the importance of doing different things to achieve different results

- are open to learning from each other and are committed to growth

- passionate about business and having FUN!

- wish to build their network through heart centred connections

- courageous to live with purpose and on purpose

- value contribution to self, others and the wider community

- wishing to expand their consciousness through joy to receive all the abundance they deserve!

Joyful Entrepreneurs Melbourne meets monthly to learn more about the game of life and how to create WIN WINS for all! Members share their passion, strengths and wisdom to contribute to growing each other, build wealth and solve big problems with joy and FUN!

Come and join us at our next MeetUp to play! It would be an honour to welcome you into our FUN family!!

Also, please join our supportive Facebook Group Joyful Entrepreneurs!


Much love Mel xoxo

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How to eat your way to BOOM your business!

Rex Hotel


Have you experienced burnout as a business owner? How to eat your way to BOOM your business! Learn intuitive eating with Leanne Rowbottom from Revive Holistic Health and learn how to: * Prevent & recover from 'business burnout' * Develop conscious awareness with your body * Curb sugar cravings and emotional eating * Improve your gut micro-biome for optimal functioning * Boost energy levels & immune system * Increase mental clarity and work productivity Leanne is an experienced holistic practitioner of almost 20years, qualified as a nutritionist (BSc. Nutrition & Food Sci), Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE facilitator, qualified remedial massage therapist and mindfulness and meditation teacher. Leanne specialises in supporting women towards wellness and total body freedom via intuitive eating. Leanne has experienced adrenal fatigue or ‘burnout’ multiple times, whilst running her holistic health business for almost 10 years now, and also battled with disordered eating in her 20’s. She believes all physical pain and emotional stress manifests in the mind, and that managing stress on a deeper subconscious level is pivotal for being able to make positive health and lifestyle choices for the long term. She offers personalised one-to-one health coaching, Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE sessions to clear past trauma and subconscious limiting beliefs, and also operates her own 7 Steps to Body Freedom workshops, intuitive eating workshops and Sisterhood Wellness Retreats. She also provides corporate health services on the Surf Coast and in Melbourne and Geelong CBDs. Leanne practices from Torquay on the VIC Surf Coast 4 days a week, and from Armadale in Melbourne every Wednesday. You can contact Leanne for an obligation free chat or to book on ph[masked], or check out www.reviveholistichealth.com.au, also Instagram: reviveholistichealth and Facebook: Revive Holistic Health.

Activate Your money frequencies Webinar

Needs a location

Have you found that no matter what you do you just never seem to have enough money? Are you sick and tired of constantly trying to make ends meet? If you are serious about committing to your long term success and creating a life that is filled with abundance I invite you to join me for this 1Hr webinar as we Activate your Money Frequency In Oct 2019 I began to become aware that people are stuck in their money stories blocking their energetic money frequencies. It was very clear to me that the time to finally combine my left brain hemisphere of the ex-accountant and bookkeeper with my right brain hemisphere of my spiritual passion had arrived As I delved deeper I come across 6 different energetic money frequencies that need clearing for you to begin you journey along the road to financial abundance. In this webinar we begin to examine and activate your money frequency with both practical and experiential methodology that I have used with great success. Register Below https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vl_T9xTOTm-Y7Uzk_2LxRg

NLP Information Webinar

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Do you believe you can achieve more within your business and personal life goals? Do you want to help others who know they can achieve more? Become a Life/Performance Coach through the NLP Practitioner Certification Training and time and again make great things happen in your life, and those around you, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy are confirmed methods to help you achieve what you want in life. NLP training educates the graduate to deal efficiently and successfully within their professional and personal life. You will discover and learn the best strategies to enhance your career, increase your income and form new opportunities in all facets of your life. YIf you wish to discover new skills within goal setting, management, decision making and communication, whilst reaping the rewards. Then this webinar is for you Educate others to become motivated and resourceful within the workforce and increase their income; help them to maintain better relationships with their partners, family, friends and co-workers. You will learn the key skills to assisting children to teenagers with improved memory and enthusiasm for school and life. If you want to discover what is holding you back, learn to heal self-doubts and beliefs all the while becoming better equipped with the tools to set free your self-confidence and enrich your life and that of those around you, then NLP is for YOU! Register Below https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_XGsRSEDcRFOl1b3tm9Rm2Q

7 Steps for Permission to RECEIVE

Rex Hotel

FIRST 5 TICKETS ARE FREE!! This workshop is about giving permission to RECEIVE. Changing your life from continuously serving others to learning how to receive and serve yourself. Do you get tired, burnt out and feel like you are helping others to live their dreams and forgetting about your own. Does life seem hard and that you are “busy” and in the endless doing cycle. You feel overwhelmed, stuck and believe that “surely life doesn’t need to be this hard”. You have a dream of making a big contribution to the world to live with no regrets and leave an outstanding legacy. I’ve met with many business owners who are brilliant at giving and neglected themselves which contributes to stress and burn out. All want to continue and serve more although unsure how to get out of the cycle. This half day workshop will start you on the path to learning how to and accepting permission to receive. Giving you the ability to enjoy all aspects of life and the biggest ah ha is that you deserve to be loved and living the life of your dreams which will inspire others around you to do the same also. Join a supportive community that is heart-centred and committed to living life on purpose. This workshop is for business owners who want to take not only their business but their life to the next level by allowing the power of receiving. My clients are achieving huge success! - Went from working in corporate to starting own business in 12 weeks - Feeling I’m not good enough to put on a new staff member due to increased workload taking the pressure off and able to enjoy the results. Went from working hard to working easy. - Working on own to collaborating and working with clients in $20 million turnovers. - Resistant to getting married due to sexual abuse and in one month, forgave the perpetrator and married soul mate that same year - Have learned how to feel and be addicted to pleasure rather than pain. - I continually use this formula. I have transitioned from nursing for 20 years in palliative care watching clients die from the results of stress and now supporting clients to live well and prevent disease to live a life on purpose manifesting dreams into reality. I am living my dreams now!! As a result of learning how to receive and filling myself up to give out the overflow, I remain energised, joyful and choose the easy road rather than the hard road now! This workshop is for you if: 1. You want to change and live a life with balance but don’t know where to start. 2. You are feeling tired, burnt out and stressed and don’t know how to turn off the noise in the head. 3. You want to live joyfully and make a huge difference in the world but keep sabotaging your own success through repeating patterns of lack of self-belief and inability to serve self. In the half day workshop you will: - understand how when you receive and learn to fill your cup up you can prevent exhaustion and live from the heart - the importance of feeling to release overwhelm - gain gifts from life’s challenges - learn how to connect with yourself and serve self - learn that your dreams do matter and you deserve to live them NOW Reflect Evaluate Clear Evolve Internalise Visualise Energise In learning to receive from self how that transforms your business, personal life and allows ease in and joy. It is the simple things. We have become addicted to hard. You deserve to be loved. xo

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