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M-x jozi-emacs-meetup RET

A meetup for everyone who enjoys the timeless editor!

Whether you're just starting, use the editor day to day or hack in Elisp frequently this meetup aims to have something for you.


What's Emacs anyway?

Emacs is a text editor. Or at least it might have started out only being one at some point. Out of curiosity I typed "M-x list-packages RET" and discovered that there are about 5087 packages available and easily install-able through the built in package manager.

Among the packages are some focused on writing code in various languages, as one might expect... and then there are also some unexpected entries. Window managers (plural!), email clients and media players. In a sense the old joke of Emacs being an operating system has never been more true than it is today (of course it is also a great editor!).

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Hack You Some Emacs Lisp for Great Productivity

Jemstep by Invesco


Jemstep by Invesco

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