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• After years building your career, and achieving what most would consider success, you wonder what it was all for?

• You feel stuck in a job where you feel you have no more to accomplish. You've seen and done it all, already

• You want to leave your job, or change your career, but you feel trapped by golden handcuffs: your salary, your benefits, and all the fun stuff you tell yourself you don't want to miss

• You know you are better than this, and you can't stand being miserable in your career, but you don't even have the time or space to figure it out


• You woke up excited to get to work on Monday morning, heading off to a job where you feel totally valued for your skills and brilliance and you can't wait to get in there and start your day!

• You had the freedom to prioritize the people and activities that were most important to you

• You weren't bound by the financial shackles of a misfit job

• You had time set aside to focus on YOU, so that you can learn and grow in a way that feeds your soul with space to figure out what's next.

This group is for...
Executive or professional women with more than 15-years experience in their careers who feel stuck in their jobs and/or careers...
-- who want to get out of their corporate jobs but don't know how to break the golden handcuffs, or
-- who want to stay in corporate, but not in their current company or job, or
-- who have no friggin' idea what to do next!

For full info, click this link (https://pages.amykancoaching.com/group-coaching/)!

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