What we're about

We've gathered a group of us now who are comfortable here working and playing in our natural environment.

Think coffee shop, cafe, or retreat style center vibes, but you are free to exist as yourself - in your natural state.

Think of a child immersed in their creativity, they often have more fun removing the clothing - their senses are heightened so they feel a restriction. We too deserve to have this "running around naked" option. It is not "wrong", and we are personally finding great progress and freedom from being here together in this. We decided to open our facility/home to share this with others.

We gather to enjoy music, intel discussions in the hot tub, meditations, reading, spending time in the gym or lounge area, sharing tea, or finding solo solace on the 1.25 acre property here.

"My body is where life is coming through, why would I cover this life coming through?"

Here comes life everybody!

We love the presence here when all are free. We are free.

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