Let's get ready to play The Feud!


Family Feud is a fun filled experience that’s full of high fives and laughs as you team up to play America’s Favorite Game Show! We are playing weekly tournaments, hosted by DJ Chuck Dogg of Just Play Entertainment.

Family Feud is our most popular game show! We play it exactly how it’s played on TV. Music and game sound effects will make you feel like you are on the actual show!

Tournaments last for 6 weeks. The Globe Pub is offering gift certificates for the winning team and a GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the tournament champions. The first team to 300 points wins the game. If a team doesn’t get to 300 points, then whichever team is leading after the fourth round, wins the game.

FREE ENTRY / $5 To Play / RSVP: www.justplayfamfeud.eventbrite.com

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