What we're about

Hi all,

Firstly welcome.

Secondly meet up is quite an expensive platform and we can only afford to limit the group to 50 members due to its prices.

Therefore we have to be quite strict on participation. We are sorry but we really need active members who are going to come along and support other writers. We can’t as a group of fellow creatives support those who just sit on our platform and do not participate. We do not have the funds.

We want to be as inclusive and supportive as we can but we need you to do the same. It’s a two way street.

The group itself is for anyone interesting in writing, all kinds of writing whether its poetry, novel writing, screenplays, flash fiction memoirs, non- fiction etc. It is set up to help and support fellow writers and creatives in a environment where if they wish they can discuss in confidence their current works in progress whatever that may be.

It is to talk and share ideas about writing, share books that help each other progress, find inspiration and just chat about writing.

It is hoped that once established we can locate and share writing competitions for group members, attend literary festivals where we can meet writers and hear what has worked for them, find courses on writing to help improve our writing, and find out about literary agents. Plus it is also hoped that it may be arranged that we could have bestselling authors or literary agents come and visit and talk to us. If we do manage this obviously this could incur an extra charge for that event.

All writers dream about being published and this group hopefully can also share ideas regarding that whether its traditionally published, hybrid or being independently published through Kindle and createspace.

Whatever stage you are at your writing every person who started writing was there once!

Writing can be a lonely occupation or hobby. This group hopes that it will make it a less lonely place. It is a group that is there for you!

Please can all writers join with a true likeness photo of themselves - this is to help event hosts recognise you when you come to a meet up so no animals, cartoons or children will be accepted.

Also please can you answer what type of writing you are doing, have done or would like to do if writing is something that you would like to try out. This is also to help us guide events that may interest writers such as author talks, literary festivals and other such things.

If critquing or giving feedback on another writer's or creative's work please remember constructive critisicm is always good but destructive critisicm is not and treat a fellow writer or creative how you would like to be treated please!

Unfortunately due to the cost of the meet up fees and also the hope in securing a good location we do have to charge a small fee per meet up. That is currently set at £1 per meet up. We have no other charges.

We look forward to welcoming you and really getting on with some good writing and hopefully we can get some good authors to come and visit our group and do some good writers stuff.

We are always looking out also for good quality and totally free venues.

Writing isn’t a lucrative venture as people think but it’s art- it’s painting, painting with words to create pictures.

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Writers' Evening - The Claremont, Tunbridge Wells

The Claremont Pub and Garden

We’re a friendly group of writers based in and around Tunbridge Wells who meet once a month to discuss writing, publishing, marketing, e-books and more, as well as to critique each other’s work and to provide support, inspiration and motivation.

We welcome all kinds of writing – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novels, short stories, flash fiction, plays… if it’s got words then we’re interested – and we’re keen to meet fellow writers from West Kent, East Sussex and further afield.

It’s member led so we all input on what we want to do.

You don't have to bring your own writing, but this is a writers' group after all, so I would be very appreciative if you did.

We're restricted to ten people. It's an improvement on six but still, please only sign up if you're going to come. Sorry to sign off on that note, but I'm sure you'll appreciate why I specified this.


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Writers' Evening - The Claremont, Tunbridge Wells

The Claremont Pub and Garden

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