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Sign up for Multisport this fall!!


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I need 10 people to sign up with me to make up a team
Should be lots of fun!!
The perfect way to meet other fun singles.
If there is sufficient interest......will create a second
team. Cost is $88.00 including tax and the length of this is 12 weeks. We play on either Wednesdays or Thursdays.


Urban Rec presents the newest sports league - multi-sport at the Richmond Olympic Oval as well as at the brand-new Fortius Sports Centre in Burnaby. Have you always wanted to play a sport with Urban Rec, but were not sure which sport you liked best? Then multi-sport is for you - your team will play a variety of sports over the season, with most sports being played twice.

Teams may play the following the sports- click on each sport to go that sport's page and you can check out the rules (some sports may be modifed slightly for indoor play). Please note that the list below is for reference purposes only- the actual sports included in the multi-sport league may differ based on Urban Rec's discretion.

Floor hockey
Indoor Soccer
European Handball