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The subject "math" or "algebra" systematically evokes fear for millions of students. Simply put, students, parents, educators, educational leadership and policymakers surrender to this gate keeper subject.

Math/ algebra is indeed a difficult subject to teach and learn, but there are ways to make it a more practical, enjoyable and rewarding subject for all. The focus of this group is on early math education (K-8 students). Vangyi C, the algebra whisperer, demystifies the complexity of math/ algebra education.

From a fresh perspective, the following participants will explore, interact and discover new possibilities to successfully prepare young students to excel in math education.

Parents: The success of math education is primary based on the attitude of parents and children followed by the learning environment and lastly intelligence (extra asset). You'll learn how to create a struggle free math learning environment and attitudes at home. You'll also discover new perspectives and options in math education especially if you are looking for effective math programs, math tutoring services or considering homeschooling.

Elementary and middle school teachers: The success of math education depends on the first two years (2nd and 3rd grade), and thus demands the most critical teaching responsibility during this period. You'll discover a child friendly approach to connect and empower young students from the start.

STEM and math educators (8th to 12th grade): You'll explore alternative math education approaches and make adjustment to facilitate the learning process and improve the outcome, especially for struggling and "surrendered" math students. Without math, STEM is simply a false promise.

School principals: The return of investment in traditional math education is almost nonexistent, and current intervention programs are no longer feasible options. There are new opportunities to explore and solutions to implement. The possibility to initiate and lead a new culture of math education is within reach.

Educational leadership and policymakers: The math education crisis in the US is a harsh reality and needs to address immediately. You'll discover alternative, simple, common sense, cost effective and results oriented solutions to math education.

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