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Intro to crypto currency through Karma.

The first meetup will be to introduce people to crypto currency by giving every attendee a free EOS wallet with a balance of Karma tokens.


KARMA D-app decentralized charity, good deeds, acts of kindness app.
Built on the EOS blockchain. Decentralized tokenized community

KARMA is a D-app built on EOS the incentivizes good deeds.

For you to get KARMA tokens you must first have an EOS wallet.

This meetup is for coming together to have a bigger impact on the good deeds we do and sharing ideas. We will also help eachother with video recording the good deeds. (

A Decentralized Application Built On EOSIO
KARMA is designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive KARMA for helping out mankind. Join our growing community and help us change the world.

Earn KARMA by doing awesome things to help out those who

need the help most.

Earn KARMA as a witness validating the good deeds

of others .

Give KARMA to friends, family or anyone you feel deserves it for doing good in the world.

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