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Come out and have fun and meet new people.We train to fight and fight to survive. Not going to tell you that crime happens. Unfortunately, that is a fact of life. And you think that you don't have time to take a self-defense class. Do you have time to be a victim? Of cause not. A violent crime will affect you for years to come. Why not learn something that will have an effect on a predator for years to come. Learn to put the smack down on a bad guy. Meet other like minded people who seek empowerment by training in self-defense. This is not just kicking and punching.

Call (912) 495-8693 or contact via e-mail: http://www.katmadefense.com

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Self-defense 101: Mama Said Knock You Out

KATMA Defense: Kombative Academy of Traditional Martial Arts

Hey everyone. This is part 1 of a 3 part basic self-defense series. Learn to stop a threat quick fast and in a hurry. Limited space. Come have fun and learn some good techniques. And it is free!

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Boot Camp Self-defense Workout

KATMA Defense: Kombative Academy of Traditional Martial Arts


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