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SEP 21 *Kayaking The Ghost Town River* Pot luck BBQ @ EAGLE DROPPINGS FOOD SHACK

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Hi Everyone,

NEW GOHOSTS HAVE ARRIVED:,0,7186927.column

I see Cloudy and Windy conditions..(its OK for this location and type of event),

Not good for any ocean events.

I will make a decision Saturday Morning if its a NO-GO if necessary apx 9-10 am or so.., too soon to use the prediction as accurate enough but the radar is showing some rain on the way.

Dress appropriately or have some comfortable cloths with you just in case..

There will be some wind on our return trip as is usual here when heading back to the boat ramp. an extra canopee (my large one) and wind blocking tarp will be in use at the BBQ spot if needed.

If it seems too windy at the BBQ spot ---> 7 Falls is the back up spot..

------> If things look not good enough for a paddle event, a Hike at Hurd park and a fireside BBQ is possible under the Pavillion roof .. Check Back for the change if necessary.


Meet time is 12 pm because the tidal conditions need to be optimal to reach the GOOD areas.

Pictures from last years event:

Fishing Turnoment in the area ? NONE

This is a very nice paddle into areas that can be only reached during a HIGH tide condition in the East Haddamit area.

All types of boats will be fine for this location also.

As Always ..everything depends on the weather..

Tides for a Crick in Higganumb

21 ----> High 2:14 PM @ 3.2 ft............... Low 9:31 PM 0.0


Weather Air:

Weather Land: ( (

LOOK BELOW ----> The POTLUCK GHOST Monster is already waiting for all of us with its Ghostly ferocious appetite at Hurting Plenty Park at EAGLES LANDING --- "It will painfully eat you alive from the insides right to the outside" says a famous Ghost Hunter:

Look at the ferocious attitude it has---->Bring some good food to make it leave US alone !!!

The Paddle trip starts Upstream untill we hit the central cove, from there its a diversion to the Right into the Johnsonville Brat River for a moment of meaty screams,

from there it's back on track, upstream a ways bear RIGHT into the TARZAN River extension,

then left into the Kissing Tunnel of Love,

take a left from the Skellaton Rake

and head to the water fall for our 1st destination rest stop there, from there its left Through the Loop of Souls to the Ghost Town # 1 our Scary snack stop...

Watch the Ghosts make things move all on their own and smash things while we eat our snacks of Halloween Candy.. DO NOT FEED THE GHOSTS.. especially candy, they really get hyper...

I have been informed that Jeremiah Write will be giving a sermon to any and all spirits from the rooftop of the Dining Hall on this weekend,

It will sound like the following:


Getting to the boat ramp :

The best way to get to this PUT IN location (SALMON COVE) is by using the same directions to GOODSPEED OPRAH HOUSE.

For GPS use apx # 117 East Haddam Moodus Road, East Haddam,

The Meetup* Place location Map link above is correct for a visual map.

From Hartford:

take I-91 south: take Exit 22s. (left hand exit) = Route 9 South ,

take Exit 7, (rte 82 to the Goodspeed Oprah House).

At the end of the exit ramp take a left onto Middlesex tpk=rte 154 for a few hundred feet then back onto rte 82 east, cross the river and pass the oprah house and slow down.

Take a sharp left onto rte 149 at the Gelston House.

Be Careful at this intersection.

The State boat ramp sign and road is 1 mile north of the left after you turned from the Opra House to the North..


Pot Luck BBQ location to be EAGLES poop on the HEAD LANDING this time: (Grillo and propaino fire pit is loaded up already).

Bring your food, chairs and beverage of choice

Golden Toasted Shredded Coconut and shaved almonds Joys dipped in dark chocolate are in the making.




The following Kayaks come with top rated paddles and life jackets transported to the put in site but must be specifically chosen and reserved in advance:

Boat use Doughnation is $20.00

Note: if you reserve a kayak and i take it all the way to the site and you do not show -- you will never join us again for any event.

These are my personal hobby boats and its asked you be sincere in showing up, besides i ask less than half of what a local shop charges and you get better equipment right at the event site's boat ramp.

Yes i will understand traffic may cause you to be late and if i hear of of any traffic via my GPS or by other arriving members, then we usually wait a bit longer than normal.

Please make sure you fit in the boats and have some paddling skills (check the info of the boats in the corresponding links provided with each boat).


KAYAK #1: Eddyline Wind Dancer Kevlar+Fiberglass, Red, Rudder Equipped

18' Long @ 24" Wide.

This is a large expedition style sea kayak designed for heavy loading and can handle rough sea conditions safely.

Highly stable (initial & secondary), heavy weight @ 52 LB.

For almost any sized paddler apx (100 to 230 lbs) with beginner and up skills.



KAYAK #2: Necky Eliza Plastic, Fire Color, Rudder Equipped

15'-3.5'' Long @ 22" Wide.

Transitional *Recreation to Sea Kayak*, moderate weight @ 49 LB, ladies kayak

Small to Medium sized paddler (100 - 160 lbs) with Beginner and up skills.
This is the heavier model and largest cockpit of the Eliza series.



KAYAK #3: Necky Eliza Advanced Composite (Un Modified), Red and White, Skeg Version

15'-3'' Long @ 21" Wide.

Transitional *Recreation to Sea Kayak*, Light weight @45 LB, Ladies Kayak.

Small to Medium sized paddler (95 - 145 lbs) with Beginner and up skills.

This is the medium size cockpit of the Eliza series. (



KAYAK #4: Necky Eliza Composite Special Ultra Light Version

(Very Thin Fibreglass), Yellow, Skeg Version

15'-3'' Long @ 21" Wide.

Transitional *Recreation to Sea Kayak*, Light weight @40 LB, Ladies Kayak.

Small to Medium sized paddler (95 - 145 lbs) with Beginner and up skills.
This is the lightest of the Eliza Series and also with the smallest cocpit.



KAYAK #5: THE TITANIC RAISED FROM THE WATER GRAVE Wood Cedar Strip Night Heron design by Guillemot Kayaks, pre-set and permanently deployed Skeg

18' Long @ 19" to 20" Wide.

Overall a stable and predictable Sea Kayak with a hard chine, low rocker Greenland style hull, heavy weight @ 50 lbs.

Medium Sized Paddler (apx 100 - 200 Lbs) with SOME NOVICE TO INTERMEDIATE and up skills needed to control this boat. (

Additional Option:

A Greenland style Paddle available also if specifically REQUESTED. .



KAYAK #6: NDK Greenlander Pro, Fiberglass, Red, Skeg Equipped. Greenland style, fast kayak for ocean cruising.

18' Long @ 21" Wide, heavy weight @ 50 lb

Full Greenland style sea kayak. Medium sized paddler [masked] lbs) with a MINIMUM of Intermediate to Advanced sea paddling skills needed for this boat.







Kayak #8: : Space Reserved for Strawberry's Boat ---> ???


I wish you all a good day..

See all those interested at this site.


Oh, if any of the Notifications of events or other supporting e mails, Event write ups, and/or pictures offend you in any way--- Please send me an E-Mail and i will remedy the situation in a swift and permanent way. ;-)

Just give me a moment to get my Amish PREACHER's Hat and Vest.


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