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MAR-10- March Birthday's Party-POT LUCK-Good Times-Fire- & YES-->BUBBLE GUM CAKE

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Hi Everyone.

Its time for our March Birthdays party again ! (and some earlier and later ones too).....

WHY at 3 pm.. BECAUSE OF ALL THE "OLD PEOPLE" THEY CAN NOT SEE AT NIGHT and do not want to trip over all the discarded "Adult Diapers"..

Show up when ya want... but if no food left.. eat the diapers from the end of a poker stick..just do not put on those Coke Bottle Bottoms Eyeglasses and just eat em like a Cony Island Corn Dog....MMmmm.


General Landmark: Private Home (Close to the Hebron Fair Grounds).

My Webber Grill / grill tools and a few other accessories are now loaded up.

Right now the Parking is limited to apx 20 cars ( and its a home where not too much more than 20 will become too crowded and conditions become chaotic..etc..) so RSVP'ees have to be limited for the inside also.

What? --- Can't we play in the snow?

The cake will look like a big snow ball, lets have a food fight with it ????

Na, lets eat it... Put some frosting on your self and be a real sweet treat for someone..

(Lets hope it not 18 inches of snow this weekend) or we will have to put some candles in it and Blow it away..

There will be a nice outdoor fire in the fire pit if its nice out, and an indoor fire in the fire place for the warm relaxing environment we all like.

This will be a cozy, intimate event. You may have to sit on someone's lap...we don't mind even if you Grind away in delight (but keep it quiet or go outside).

Contact Kat for updates, parking, waiting list and questions.

Please bring a chair or a big floor pillow,

You can also bring your own favourite Adult beverage of choice,

Some Pot Luck food ( a grill will be available too),

and a happy Spring Season Cheerfulness attitude for this event.

At least 5 of us will be on AARP's Most Wanted List when they see this listing.

Several in house Cats will welcome you and cover you with fur, try not to wear black. Please be careful, cats do NOT GO OUT the head Kat will bite you!

Yummy Birthday cake provided by hostess.

Be ready for a Happy Happy time.

If you have a March or even late Feb birthday let Kat know!

Address and Driving directions sent out to positive RSVP'ees a few days or so prior to the event, so check your e mails BEFORE Friday 3-9-2012.

See some of you soon..