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This is a group for anyone using or interested in functional programming and distributed systems development using Elixir.

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Pony (ponylang.io) is a fast actor-based programming language that guarantees data safety. These data safety guarantees are built on reference capabilities, which control the way aliases are used in a way that prevents more than one actor from having access to mutable data. This talk will present an overview of the language and runtime with a focus on how it compares to other actor-based systems (like Elixir), followed by a look at some small programs that illustrate how Pony's data safety guarantees work. Andrew Turley is an engineer at Wallaroo Labs where he has been using Pony since 2016. Park in the ramped Guest Parking Lot at the NE corner of 39th and Warwick. The entrance is the building adjacent to the lot at the far left-hand door. Upon arrival, assuming you aren't able to get in, reach out in the #general channel of KC Elixir Slack and post something with an `@alanvoss` or `@seancribbs`. You can join our group's Slack by going to http://kcelixir-slack.herokuapp.com/.

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December meeting

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