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This Meetup is for people who value connecting with people who are not exactly like them. This Meetup is for people who enjoy playing games with other people. And this Meetup is definitely for undercover superheroes willing to CHANGE THE WORLD!

We'll do all of that!

Every month on the numbered day that matches the number of the month, we're sharing a game-playing event with Idealists (https://www.idealist.org/en/?type=IDEALIST_DAY_EVENT) all across the globe.

The worldwide goal is stronger connections between people who belong to the same human family but may look, sound or do things a bit different than each other.

... There are only a few rules:

• Meeting places will be safe places.

• Please don't judge or get preachy.

• We are here to play, chat and share our favorite snacks.

• As a basic principle, we wish everyone well.

If you're still reading, it sounds like you'll fit in perfectly with this group where nobody is exactly the same. We can't wait to connect with you at the next monthly Idealist Day!

Check out the founder's story behind this monthly day of play:

During his time in the Israeli army, Ami Dar was a border guard on the Syrian border. One day he caught some Syrian soldiers doing some suspicious activity across the border. Upon deeper investigation, he discovered that they were ...

... playing a game of soccer! He laughed at his alert state. He laughed at the wall that separated him from these guys who were just like him. He laughed and then thought about how to bring people together across boundaries. Ami continues his story:

"When you grow up in a conflict zone, or in any fragmented society, it’s natural for each side to dehumanize the other. But if that filter shatters, you can never go back. And the moment their full humanity struck me, I had that crazy thought that changed my life."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, I thought. If in my unit, and in every other unit I know, there are some guys I’d trust with my life, and others I’d rather stay away from, then in that unit this must also be the case. And if that’s true, then this whole border fence is running the wrong way. Instead of Syrians on one side and Israelis on the other, wouldn’t it make more sense for the sock-sharers on both sides to get together?"

Mr. Dar went on to found Action Without Borders, widely known as idealist.org, where people wanting to do something can connect with people needing something done, all over the globe. He has been an Ashoka Fellow since 2004.

... in the words of Ami Dar ...

What do we want? To change the world, from the ground up.

How? By closing the gap between intention and action.

Yes, but how? By inviting people everywhere to imagine, connect, and act.

• Imagine a better world, a better community, and a better life.

• Connect with others, and share ideas, skills, and resources.

• Act on our good intentions, and help others to act on theirs.

Who will make this happen? The world’s idealists.

Idealists? Yes. Practical dreamers who want to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

And they would ... ? Promote and facilitate action and collaboration using every available means, from mobile apps to parties.

How do we start? By playing games together. By coming out and *seeing* each other. Seeing and showing that we are not alone; that across the street and around the world there are many others who want the same things we do. That’s what Idealist Days are all about.

And then? Then we get organized—online and in person—and help each other imagine, connect, and act in every possible way.

And then we dance.

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KC Idealist Days – Come and play!

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KC Idealist Days – Come and play!

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