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You Don't Need to Know Tai Chi to Play in KC's World Tai Chi Day-A Global Event
• What we'll do What we'll do HAVE SOME HISTORIC FUN :-) AND SOME PRIDE IN WHAT KC HAS DONE IN THE WORLD! You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW TAI CHI to be a part of history, on Saturday, April 28th, 9:30 am ... for KC's "World Tai Chi Day" celebration. THIS GLOBAL EVENT WAS STARTED BY KANSAS CITY 19 YEARS AGO. Invited friends and family to come play Tai Chi with the entire world. Free Tai Chi workshop at 9:30 am will teach you a few Tai Chi moves, so that at 10 am you can be part of this worldwide wave of mass Tai Chi exhibitions and teach ins that is celebrated in 100s of cities in over 80 nations. AND WE STARTED IT ALL IN KANSAS CITY 19 YEARS AGO. 200 people in KC gathered to play Tai Chi on the south lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum (see above photo) ... it got picked up by CNN News, and it captured the world's imagination. See Youtube video montage of global events inspired by US, right here in KC: Since Kansas City started this amazing event many things have happened. This year in 2018 AARP Magazine is covering it, AND the National Congress of Brazil will commemorate this KC inspired event with "a moment of contemplative silence." In past years, 22 US Governors officially proclaimed World Tai Chi Day for their state, and senates, mayors, and legislators worldwide did so as well. Events have been held at the UNITED NATIONS BUILDING and the NOBEL PEACE CENTER, in Oslo, Norway. Events have been covered by media worldwide: NDTV News covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in JERUSALEM, ISRAEL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA'S CHANNEL 7 NEWS covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in Los Angeles, CA HARLEM NEW YORK celebrates World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) BBC News and ASSOCIATE PRESS NEWS covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) throughout LATIN AMERICA AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE TV NEWS covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in HAVANA, CUBA EGYPTIAN NATIONAL NEWS covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in CAIRO, EGYPT INT'L NEWS NETWORK covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in NEW YORK CITY BRAZILIAN NATIONAL NEWS covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in BRAZIL CHINA INT'L NEWS NETWORK CCTV covers World Tai Chi Day (KC inspired event) in SOUTH AFRICA World Tai Chi Day in PORTO, PORTUGAL (KC inspired event) World Tai Chi Day in TEHRAN, IRAN (KC inspired event) World Tai Chi Day in INDONESIA (KC inspired event) COME AND HAVE SOME FUN MAKING HISTORY! • Important to know • What to bring Comfortable clothes and a spirit of fun and adventure. Some of us will be going over to Bo Lings restaurant on the Plaza after the event to have Dim Sum. You don't have to have lunch with us, its just an option, BUT COME TO WORLD TAI CHI DAY AT THE NELSON REGARDLESS. But, if you have never had Dim Sum, think about it, that is a whole other adventure :-) It means "treats of the heart" and it involves small dishes of many different things, which you pick from carts that roll thru the restaurant • Important to know PARKING MAY BE TOUGH ... SO, YOU MIGHT WANT TO PARK IN THE LOT "UNDERNEATH THE NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM" for $10) You will get to play Tai Chi with the world on Sat. April 28th, and also after we do a few Tai Chi moves as a group (which you can learn that morning at 9:30, don't worry they are easy and fun); then some Tai Chi schools will show off their Tai Chi forms as we all sit or stand back and watch. Its a really fun cultural experience.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

4525 Oak St · Kansas City, MO

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This Meetup is open to EVERYONE ! You don't have to know a thing about Tai Chi, Qigong, or Traditional Chinese Medicine to enjoy the people and experiences this Meetup offers. However, we'll all share alot of info about it, and do some Qigong and Tai Chi, if you want, that will leave you feeling SPECTACULAR ! I'm the organizer, and I've written a #1 best selling Tai Chi book, and am a presenter for the National Institute's of Health in Washington DC on Tai Chi, and have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced Tai Chi & Qigong for about 30 years now. We'll talk and share and experience the amazing mind/body healing arts together in the most beautiful of locations. The Shawnee Civic Centre is the Meetup location, with ceiling to floor windows on 3 walls, overlooking a wooded pond and rolling hills. A gorgeous place to do some mind/body unwinding.

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