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Christmas and Birthdays

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So what are you going to be doing once all the excitement of opening gifts is over? Why not come out and see a movie, maybe have some drinks and try your hand at a game of chance?

Oh and of course celebrate a much more important event....My birthday! :D

Let's go see "True Grit" and then for those who would like to, hang out for drinks and just general fun till we all get tired!

True Grit (

Event info is in!

The plan will be to meet up between 9-9:30, as the movie starts at 10:00pm.

I will try to be there by 9, and will hang out around the Falcon Diner which is by the main entrance, next to the train car. We can head over to the theater by 9:30, so we can make sure to all get good seats.

After the movie, we can hang out, talk about the movie, or head onto the boat for drinks and perhaps try our hands at some games of chance.

Hope to see you all there!