Past Meetup

Freethinkers at the Renaissance Festival

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As freethinkers, I know we all treasure those medieval times in which freethought, skepticism, and reason ran abound...

Okay, so, maybe the Renaissance Festival is a bit of a romanticizing of those days, but who can pass up great food, fantastic entertainment, and an immersion of a fantasy world of kings, queens, and fools?

We'll be coordinating this with multiple groups across Kansas City, so please bring a favorite shirt - KCAC, Northland Freethinkers, KC Freethinkers, or any other shirt to help identify our group to freethinkers there who may not know of us!

We'll also be using this as a chance to promote the RAM - participation in which is completely optional. All you'll need to do is carry some promotional material and, if someone approaches you (please don't vocally proselytize - we don't want to be "those guys"!) and shows interest, feel free to give them a copy of the promotional materials!

For more information, check out the KC Renaissance Festival site: