Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core - Jeffrey Strauss

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Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core

Adoption of ASP.NET Core continues to grow in development shops around the world. The .NET community offers a nice selection of templates for getting a new project moving quickly. On the other hand, more complex applications may require you to go deeper than what comes out of the box. The configuration and dependency injection systems in ASP.NET Core are flexible and powerful, and it is worth understanding the details of how a modern web application on the framework spins up on start.

This session provides a walkthrough of the Startup and Program classes, the host and app builders, configuration, DI, and middleware. Learn how to build your own middleware providers and pipeline. Create custom extension methods to register services with your application quickly and easily. Leverage the power of ASP.NET Core to work best for you and your organization.

Speaker: Jeffrey Strauss (

Jeff is a technical advisor, an executive consultant, and an attorney. As a solution architect on the Multicloud team at World Wide Technology—and with his unique experiences that combine tech and business—he maintains a passion for solving problems with inspired solutions, improving life through technology.

A dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff travels internationally to speak on both technical and business-oriented topics. He is a Microsoft MVP and serves on the board of directors for the Kansas City Developer Conference.

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Carolyn Schroeder (
Carolyn is the sole proprietor of Schroeder Consulting. Her focus is on Web and Web API apps built with Microsoft technologies primarily .NET Core. She has been building Blazor apps since the preview versions and is particularly exciting about its potential.

Sponsor: TriCom Technical Services (
Lacey Cherry


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7:45 prizes & wrap up
8:00 Happy Hour