Staying Social In a Distanced World - Duane & Brent

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Join us for our first ever virtual user group meeting.

We'll have an open discussion about how stay home orders have impacted our day-to-day work and life schedules and how we can stay connected with our community and co-workers now and in the future.

Lightning Talk: Developing Locally with NuGet - Duane Newman
Do you work with multiple projects across repositories that are built and consumed as NuGet packages? Then you've likely ran into the need to go through dev cycles on changes that impact your projects consuming a package. This usually involves committing your code (or doing a Pull Request) to get your changes built into a package. Often, this results in needing to make more changes and wait for another package. I'll show a method we use to create and consume these packages locally so you can push your changes with confidence they work as needed.

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