Hangman Game From Scratch using ASP.NET MVC and WEB API


Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a simple game, and write it with ASP.NET MVC?

While writing that application, have you ever realized, "WOW !! There're a lot of moving parts to this ?!?!??!!" ?

While teaching students in his ASP.NET web development class, Ray demonstrated the *original* CONSOLE based hangman game, and then demonstrated transforming and writing the equivalent game in ASP.NET MVC.

In this month's presentation you will see and consider what's involved with:

-- what design considerations are involved
-- what OBJECTs can be used
-- what are the VIEWs
-- what is in the CONTROLLER
-- what is in the MODEL
-- what logic is in each of the previous "steps"
-- how to implement specialized HTML HELPERS and EXTENSION METHODS
-- ** THEN ** - incorporate WEB API as a "back end service"

(all of *that* for a simple "Hangman Game" ?!?)


See you there !!!

This is a joint meeting with KC Code Mentors.