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Kern Canine Activities (KCA) is open to purebreds and mixed breeds. We have monthly meetings, member barbecues and get-togethers, and fundraising demos, all to have fun with our dogs and get to know one another. Our events are posted weekly on the calendar. We have experienced trainers who are all dedicated to providing excellent instructions from beginner to expert levels. We offer classes and practice in Agility, Dash & Splash, Paws to Dance, Obedience, Rally, Tailspins Flyball, Trick Doggin'. We have classes going on right now. Come out and join us. We are waiting to hear about your dog's activities and fun adventures.

The intent of this Meetup is to provide information about classes and activities as well as create an enjoyable and open environment where members feel free to share their personal thoughts and experiences about their canine family. Please be respectful of other member's opinions.

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Basic Obedience (class 3 of 6)

2028 Torrey Dr


This is a series of 6 (1hr) classes...No new dogs after week 2! Basic Obedience class is open to all dogs 4 months of age (with parvo shots completed) and OLDER! In this class you will learn the basic commands.... Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking on a loose leash, Leave it, Handling problem behaviors, basic care and responsible ownership. You will learn new and fun ways to connect with your dog and how to get them to obey you in a way that is positive and reinforcing. This class is ACTIVE and this class is FUN! If your dog is under 1 year of age when you start this class you have the possibility of earning their STAR puppy certificate. IMPORTANT: All dogs must have all their vaccinations current including Rabies & DHLPP. Bordatella is also recommended. Everyone must bring a copy of your dog's records to the first class. This copy will be filed with your registration form and kept for our insurance requirements. Please make a copy a head of time as I have no way of making copies on the training field....And I must have a copy! This is a positive reinforcement class....NO slip/choke or prong collars. Martingales are fine but a flat collar or front clip harness is preferred. No chain leashes. One handler/one dog teams, please. NO baby/toddler/young children please. A $60 donation is required to take the session of 6 classes. If you are a new member or haven't updated your membership, a once yearly fee of $20 will secure your membership through June 2021. Classes can be paid for with cash or Check payable to Kern Canine Activities. You will need to bring the following... Flat collar or front clip harness 6 ft. leash Lots of small SMELLY soft treats (Best treats for the 1st time are cheese, hotdogs or real cooked meat...something smelly and cut in small pieces.) Water for your dog A copy (for KCA to keep) of your dog's up-to-date shot record

Advanced Agility Class #1

508 Monica St

This is the Advanced Agility Class. All dogs must be current on their shots. All dogs will be on Leash or in a crate at all time until their time to run the course. Please do not tie your dog to chairs or post. This class is for dogs that are ready to compete in competition or are competing. Should be able to weave, jump, do all contacts including teeter. We will go over how to get your dog to be more motivated, tighter turns, better stops on the contacts. Front Crosses, rear crosses, Blind crosses and lead out pivots plus much more. Learn what crosses are best for you and your dog. Learn to work with your dog (

Barn Hunt Workshop

East Field

BARN HUNT WORKSHOP: Come out and learn barn hunt with your dogs. Learn how this new sport is coming along. If your dog loves to track, search for prey or find that rat in the hay stacks come out and play. Chris Stubbs Is teaching the class on Saturday morning. Chris is a Barn Hunt Association Judge and will show you the ropes, help your dog to excel, or just give you the space you need to get your dog the practice he/she needs. Bring a leash and $10.00 for the class and come have some fun. We always need help with rat wrangling and it really is beneficial for you to be able to watch others run, so try to bring a crate for your dog(s). RSVP for the workshop, so we know how many people to expect, and we will make sure everyone gets in. Please add +1 to your RSVP for each dog beyond the first one. Each dog will be given two runs for the $10.00 and we prefer to be paid the day of the practice each time. Weather and time permitting, we may be able to give third runs. ***Due to COVID-19, we will be practicing social distancing where possible. Masks are NOT required. If you are feeling ill, please stay home. We'll see you when feel better. *** All handlers using the barn hunt course must be a member for insurance reasons. If needed, we can add you as a new member for $20.00 a year for all your dogs.

Intermediate agility class #1

508 Monica St

This is the intermediate agility class open to dogs who have completed the intro level. The dog should have a GOOD RECALL< SIT< DOWN AND STAY. All dogs must be on lead or in a crate until their turn to run. All dogs need to be current on their shots. Bring water for yourself and your dogs. A hungry dog and lots of treats ( soft is better) NO AGGRESIVE DOGS OR DOGS IN SEASON Dogs should have the basic knowledge and be comfortable on all of the equipment but still learning the weave poles and targeting the contacts. We will Start working on front and rear crosses. We will be learning how to do sequences with our dogs. WE will be learning how to put sequences together to further the training of our dogs. Learning to make tight turns, post turns and wraps. Bring water for your dog and yourself, Dog Potty Bags & comfortable running

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Basic Obedience (class 5 of 6)

2028 Torrey Dr


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