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Welcome to Trick Doggin' with Cari!

Spending time with your best friend is fun for both you and your dog. Teach your dog new tricks to show your friends, family. You just might want to join “Trick Doggin'” and do demos for the public. We have a demo scheduled for May with Rosewood and would love to work on a performance for that. Tricks will be geared with that in mind. However if you do not want to do demos for the public that is fine too....We have plenty of things they can learn just for you!

This class is taught with Progressive Reinforcement Training. Progressive Reinforcement Training essentially means teaching animals by rewarding desired behaviors and excluding the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.

It is a philosophy which encourages the integration of your dog into your life in a variety of ways—through sport, training, or accompanying you to more places. Dogs have a way of making the activities we share with them more fun, and by giving them training, we allow them to participate in more areas of our life.

Do More With Your Dog!® is the only official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. Download the application and I can witness and sign off on the tricks that your dog knows. Together we can teach enough tricks so that your dog earns their title. How fun is that!

PRE-REQUISITE: Any non-agressive dog with little or no obedience training is welcome to join this class.


•A hungry dog
•Harness is preferred, no choke or prong collars allowed
•6 foot leash
•Small soft treats
•Water for you and your dog
•Chair if you don't want to stand all the time

As with all our classes you must be a paid-member of KCA to participate. The class fee for members is $60, and for non-members $80(this includes the $20 membership fee, good until July 1 of 2013). The course consists of 6 one hour lessons. Please watch the calender for the dates of the class as we skip a week due to a monthly club mtg.

A minimum of 4 dogs must sign up to hold the class.

Dogs who have earned a "Advanced Trick Dog" title are free to come out and practice so they don't loose their hard earned skills!

Please arrive early to the first class for registration and tuition payments. You MUST BRING an up to date copy of your dogs vaccinations, including rabies, DPLH-P, and Bordatella to be attached to your Registration Form. You may pay cash or check (payable to KCA- Kern Canine Activities)