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Premiere 101: Video for Designers

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Premiere 101: Video for Designers


WE HEARD YOUR CRIES FOR HELP. When we asked our designers' group what Adobe product they wanted to learn most in 2020, the message was clear: PREMIERE PRO! Video is becoming a larger part of our design work every day, and it's nothing to be intimidated by.

In this session, Buck Sommerkamp and John Yuelkenbeck will walk you through the things you need, as a designer, to organize your project and create a basic video in Premiere. No plug-ins, no add-ons, just the awesomeness of what comes with Premiere Pro 2020 right out of the box!

There's no need to be afraid of Premiere Pro's interface! We'll show you how to add music, graphics, and basic motion to your Premiere project so you understand how it all fits together from importing raw assets to exporting your final project.
Centriq Training
1740 W 92 St #300 · Kansas City, MO
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