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Andy Beals B'Day/Howl At The Moon Happy Hour!

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Everyone's favorite Redbeard badass is turning errr... 30? on February 19th, and as part of the celebration, he will be holding a big party at Howl At The Moon at KC P&L District on Friday the 22nd. He has won a "Happy Hour" there, and that means he and his guests will get to enjoy the following during the 'Happy Hour' times of 5-8 PM.

What it Entails

# Free Admission for all his guests from 5 PM - 8 PM.
# Everyone receives their first two drinks (Domestic Bottles/Regular Wells) for only $1 each
# Everyone also receives 1/2 price drinks from 5 PM - 8 PM.
# Complimentary Appetizer Buffet catered in from Johnny's Tavern downstairs. They clear the table around 7:15 PM, so come early enough if you wanna get in on the food. It's worth it. You think babies are delicious? Wait 'til you try 'em Chicken Tenders!!!!

# The half priced drink menu is as follows:

· $3 Domestic Beers
· $4 Skyy flavors


.....and we get to listen to some tacky Duelling Pianos (technically Duelling low-end Synths, since the empty concert piano bodies are only there as elaborate keyboard stands these days) playing pretty much every request you can throw at them. They start from about 6 PM and go til 2 AM.



# At the door, mention you are with "Andy Beals Happy Hour Party" for your VIP Wristband and two Drink tokens. Then come inside, find Rob/Andy/any familiar face. Tables are gonna be pretty nigh impossible to find, so we all do what we gotta do. Keep Rajesh's (816-645-3129) or Andy's (816-200-7443) numbers handy.


Available in the Underground garage below the P&L building (accessible from 13th Street if you're heading West from Grand) for $2. In case the Sprint Center/The Midland theater has events going on this date, they may have signs up for "$10 Event Parking". But mention you're going to "Howl At The Moon" and they should let you have the $2 rate.

(Full Disclosure: Didn't work for me the night they had Justin Bieber playing. Straight out demanded $10, tho I was clearly riding solo. Guess they thought I was hiding my pack of Screamers-for-Beaver in my Trunk?)


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