5th Edition D&D Campaign

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Every week on Saturday until June 28, 2019

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Cross-posting from another group for Jon Steel. =) Original event is here:

Join us in a regular 5th Edition D&D Campaign! After much thought, I decided not to follow the Adventurers League adventures for my campaign - instead, I have converted my original 1st Edition campaign to 5th Edition, and will be running this as a "game store" campaign.

What is a "game store" campaign you may ask ? This will be less serious than a "long term" campaign - players are expected to come and go between weeks as needed. Players own their characters - but the characters will be pre-generated prior to the adventure. Hopefully this all equates to "more fun" !

This session will be weekly (unless specifically stated) - and will last 5 hours each week (finishing at 4pm). Please ensure that you support our hosting game-store by purchasing snacks/drinks/game materials if possible at the game store - the space is free after all !

If you've never played 5th Edition - but are used to 1st/2nd/3rd Edition - its exactly like 1st edition ! Very simple character sheets - the rules are incredibly easy to pick up ! Its really, really easy for new players to also pick up in one session - this is definitely the game for everyone !

I'm going to reserve the right to "cap" the table size if we get too large. I can handle up to 10-12 players, but any larger and we become too rowdy ! More details will be forthcoming on table size.