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The Keshe Foundation is researching and teaching all encompassing knowledge light years ahead of our present paradigm. Magnetic Gravitational (MAGRAVS) plasma fields that can supply energy needs for our homes, energy that will help us heal our bodies and energy for our bodies to absorb and use, all from the source energy that surrounds us! It seems plasma energy is how the Universe interacts, from planets to cells and that we can interact with it through our consciousness, our intention! Hopefully this short intro and my limited understanding will encourage others to join as there are many other interesting aspects of plasma energy to investigate.

This meetup will serve the purpose of investigating, learning and growing the knowledge revealed by Dr. Tavakoli Keshe and the Foundation. Dr. Keshe's life work is to change the path mankind has been led "down", literally! Lets awaken to the possibilities this knowledge could offer us by embracing the Ethos of the Foundation of Peace for One Planet, One Nation, One Race!

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Lets meetup and learn about plasma energy! eh!

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