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Welcome to KETOZ - “The A to Z - Eat for health, longevity & pleasure”.

KETOZ, is about ‘all things’ related to the Ketogenic – ‘way of eating’ (W.O.E.) and ‘intermittent fasting’ (I.F.) lifestyle.

The purpose of KETOZ is to bring people together to share and discuss information (including trending news, research, recipes, tips, product/service reviews and celebrate successes) via our supportive, fun and interactive ‘KETOZ Meetups’ and other social events across the world.

‘KETOZ Meetups’ are flexible – there are no ‘join up’ fees and you can book to attend a KETOz Meetup - whenever or wherever you like.

The KETOZ W.O.E. and I.F. is NOT a FAD but much more than a diet, lifestyle, or even philosophy. This movement is DISRUPTING ‘BIG Pharma’, ‘BIG Food’, the Health, Beauty, Diet and Supplement industries, with an alternative, that BEST OF ALL is flexible, affordable (even cost saving) and accessible to everyone.

Welcome to the ‘grass (fed) roots’ revolution, transforming the health of people around the world and alleviating suffering from chronic health diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The list continues to grow, there are so many other benefits including ‘anti-aging’.

Take control of your health by inducing the natural health promoting processes of Ketosis and Autophagy that best suits you.

Exciting times!

PS Please note that the ‘local’ roll out schedule for KETOZ Meetups, will be determined by demand. So, if you are interested in attending a KETOZ Meetup and your local area is not yet appearing on the Meetup website, please use Facebook Messenger to send KETOZ your email and city/suburb and zip/postcode.

You can also follow KETOZ on Facebook and Instagram @KETOZ.ig. Our official website - KETOz.net (is under construction).

We are now recruiting local facilitators across the world. If you are interested, please message KETOZ why believe you would be great in this role.

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