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Thinkful Webinar | UX/UI Design: Designing A UX Case Study

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Thinkful Webinar | UX/UI Design: Designing A UX Case Study


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UX case studies form the core content of a UX professional’s portfolio. They are essential to getting you hired because case studies are a window to your professional practice — they show how you think, adapt, cooperate, and ultimately solve challenges. What does a good case study look like? And how should you build them to make your portfolio shine?

A great UX case study tells a story about you and like all the best stories, case studies benefit tremendously from a solid structure that guides the reader through your thinking and experience. Join us for this webinar as we discuss how to create impactful case studies with the right structure that will help your portfolio stand out from the rest.

What you will learn:

What is a Case Study?
How case studies are essential to your portfolio
Anatomy of the Case Study
The seven questions every case study should answer

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