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What is Kingdom Fit?

Kingdom Fit was a seed planted by God in the heart of Daniella Vargas, a passionate coach and trainer who always sought to combine her Christian faith in her daily fitness routine. The heart of Kingdom Fit is to provide a safe, fun and effective atmosphere to build up our bodies, souls and spirits for the God-given purpose that we all possess. As a CrossFit and strength and conditioning coach, Daniella implements high intensity, functional fitness into every class to ensure we are getting a total body workout. All workouts and exercises can be modified to accommodate any fitness level.

What makes Kingdom Fit different than other gyms and fitness classes?

We focus on small class sizes to better work with people of all levels and abilities. We also include weekly bible studies and daily devotionals to coincide with our health and fitness goals. We're challenged with tasks and assignments on a weekly basis to ensure we're growing not just in physical strength but spiritual strength as well. We believe in accountability and fellowship so we also meet outside the gym for fun-filled outings. To see what a typical class looks like, watch our latest video - https://youtu.be/HYqI0oh0KqI

What's included in the boot camp?

The bootcamp is a unique opportunity to work on your fitness with other like-minded people. In addition to great workouts, you'll receive:

Weekly Bible Studies and Fitness Devotionals to accompany your journey - Nutritional Guidance and 8-Week Wellness Challenge - Weekly Mobility and Rest Day Routine - 8 Week Maintenance Plan (once bootcamp is finished and/or option to continue at discounted rate) And...Accountability - Support - Encouragement - Challenge - Purpose

When are class times?

Our bootcamp classes run Monday-Thursday at 6am, 6pm and 7:30pm and 8am on Saturday mornings.

How do I register?

Visit our Membership (http://kfitbootcamp.com/membership/) page to begin the process.


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