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This group is for all those residing in MALAYSIA who are interested in discussions on investments, forex, stocks, emerging markets, etc.

Instead of silently doing research on your own, it is well known that when you are regularly connected with people of your own investment interest, you are likely to be more motivated, better informed and less likely to miss out on opportunities.

Meet and discuss face-to-face or chat online with your subgroup or investo team. (We will all also meet as a full group to attend seminars and talks on different aspects investments and trading in the DC area.) and may be invest together in the long run.

Again, thanks for joining. This is a very active and dynamic group; and looking forward to having you soon, on one of the upcoming events.

We are happy for anyone to join this group, but it may be extremely beneficial to any of following:

1) Working adults looking to earn at least higher than inflation returns on their investment.

2) Retired people who are looking to not only earn higher returns on their savings but also enjoy investing in the markets.

3) Working moms and dads who would like to earn some additional income.

4) Finance students looking to improve their investing skills.

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