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Lubuk Mecu and Lata Medang waterfall hike (Moderate)

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If using phone app, please check that it shows all items. Please ensure you've read and understood the following 25 points before signing up for this hike. Failure to pay attention to details may be fatal.


Lubuk Mecu and Lata Me'nang/Medang (see pronunciation (not pronounciation) video) are a pair of waterfalls near Kuala Kubu Bharu and the Selangor dam. The starting point for the trail is the same Kg Pertak starting point as Bukit Kutu. Lubuk Mecu also has a big pool, so swimming (safely please!) can be part of the programme.

Notes that must be read:

1. This is a easy to moderate hike which is somewhat suited for beginners. But this is not like a walk in KLCC/Lake Gardens. If it is your first time joining us, please read the “Beginners” hike message on the message board to avoid all misunderstandings... Feel free to ask on the comment section if you're not sure. We encourage discussion so do not feel afraid to ask anything that you are unsure about.

2. This hike will follow a 4WD track, which can be very muddy. After that we turn towards the slope of the hill on a rather narrow path. There are some steep stretches along the way, but in general the climb is moderate. This trail starts along the same trail to Bukit Kutu, but heads left after the last bridge rather than right.

3. We focus on group dynamics and would really appreciate it that more experienced hikers will support their less-experienced peers. All hikers should meet each other again at the waterfall, so return should only start after the last hikers have arrived.

4. No guests are allowed because on many past occasions, guests were not properly briefed by their respective hosts. If you want your guests to participate, ask them to sign up as a member; it's free. They can cancel their membership after the hike if they want to.

5. Click "Join the waiting list" (top - right corner) if you're SURE you want to participate and have read all the specified items.

6. Type the keyword (you'll find this keyword after reading everything in the description) into the "leave a comment" field of the event. This is a way for you to confirm to the organizer that you've actually read the instructions/recommendations and they can then move you into the event list as attending. We will strictly limit the number of participants for this hike to 20 to keep interactions manageable.

7. We have to update your status manually and we are probably out doing recce/search/exploration for the next hike, so please be patient... :)

8. The status of hikers who are on the waiting list for more than two days will be changed to "Not Attending" if the keyword is not entered within those two days after clicking "Join the waiting list". This is because we can assume that person has not read the recommendations and thereby might put themselves or others at risk.

9. We will meet at the Indian temple in KKB (Kuala Kubu Baru) at 7am sharp. Please be on time and be ready to drive to the trailhead at Kampung Pertak. If you're not sure about the directions to get to the temple/KKB, please ask. The typical way to get to KKB from KL/PJ is to take Jalan Ipoh/Rawang and you'll see Rawang, Serendah, Batang Kali and then you'll see a traffic light with a big building after it and it'll say turning to Kuala Kubu Baru. The temple is on the main road. You can park on the left hand side of the road. GPS coordinate of the temple is:,101.658800 . The turn off to Kampung Pertak is: (,+101.729317&hl=en&sll=3.582382,101.727637&sspn=0.010258,0.016512&t=m&z=15)­ . The turning to your right to go into Kampung Pertak is just after the bridge. If you see Chiling Waterfall or Air Terjun Chiling then you've gone too far. Please try to be early. Remember, we are leaving the temple to go to Pertak at 7am so you will want to be there before that time. The temple is visible from the main road of KKB. The temple is on the right hand side of the road after the traffic light on the main road. You don't need to turn into the temple. There is empty space on the left hand side of the road and drivers can wait there until we are all gathered and ready to leave at 7am.

10. Anticipated schedule:

07:00am Meet at Indian Temple in Kuala Kubu Bharu and set off to Kampung Pertak which is about 10km or so away

07:30am Reach Kampung Pertak and park carefully (there is very limited parking and some of the parking spaces require 4WD or high clearance)

07:30 - 07:45am Warmed up and start hiking

10am - 10:30am Reach waterfalls

1pm - Start return

02:30pm - 04:00pm Drive back to KL

11. Very Important: You are attending the hikes/runs at your own risk. The organizer, co-organizers or event host will try his/her best to assist and guide, but is in no way responsible, liable or accountable for any damage, personal injuries, etc. By clicking RSVP “Yes” for an event and/or signing the attendance list it is deemed that you have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of the disclaimer which can be found here:

12. Carpooling. There is limited parking and there may be other groups coming so please please please carpool. The villagers or possibly outsiders at Kg Pertak have in the past broken the windows of cars that were parked along the trail [see link]. Our guess is that this was because they were unhappy with the large number of cars being parked on the trail and possibly blocking their vehicles. [*]

13. Drivers. If you are driving, even if you are not carpooling, you are still expected to fill out the carpooling spreadsheet and enter 0 passengers. This is so that we can make sure we know how many vehicles we should expect.

14. We want to encourage more drivers to take passengers. Passengers please pay the carpooling fee of RM20 per person to your driver, and don't wait for the driver to ask. The carpooling spreadsheet is here:

Passengers please make sure you confirm with your driver before you put yourself in their list. Note, google drive doesn't automatically tell people if the spreadsheet has been edited. So that's why you need to confirm with driver when making a change. Passengers please check with your driver for any specific etiquette (eg: no eating/drinking in car, no perfume, etc) and bring newspaper, towel, change of clothing to avoid dirtying the car. If possible, when we gather at the Indian Temple in KKB, we can further reduce the car count by having some cars parked near there and pack more passengers into the cars that will actually go to the trailhead.

15. Please use the spreadsheet for carpooling. Please do not post a request for carpooling on the messages without filling in your info the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is intended to allow drivers and passengers to find nearest known neighbours and can be effective if everyone uses it.

16. The first part of this hike will have us going from the carparking area across a river using a suspension bridge. This bridge was still in decent condition when we last checked but be aware that this might have changed. The river was not deep the last time, about knee level so if can be crossed by foot. Shortly after that is another crossing where the bridge has already collapsed. This river is a bit deeper and requires your full attention as well. A stream or two after that and we'll keep on the left to turn towards Lubuk Mecu. Don't take a right here, as that will take you to the orang asli fruit orchard and heads towards Bukit Kutu! We will use the same trail back to the carpark. If you decide to swim or get in the river next to the carpark, please be very careful and make sure you have a safety buddy watching you all the time. This is where we had the 1st drowning incident in our group last year. Here is the GPS map picture and elevation profile.

GPS map:

Elevation profile:

Note, the distance shows up as about 11.3km total but that's because we went back and forth between Lubuk Mecu, Lata Medang and the 3rd level of the waterfall during that hike. The actual distance should be less than 10km.

17. For your safety and everyone else's, please ensure you have sufficient water (I'd estimate 2 liters should be good for this one), appropriate footwear (sufficient grip, I highly recommend adidas kampung but that's just me), appropriate bags for your non-waterproof camera/phone/etc.

18. You must bring a whistle and headlamp. Although it is a day hike, you should always carry this just in case something goes horribly wrong. Safety first please. Carrying basic first aid kit (bandaids, dettol, bandage) is also good.

19. Keyword for this hike is Kwadwo (Cudjo). (He was a freedom fighter in Jamaica, ). This item is to make sure you read all the points we took time to write. It is like the brown M&M test. Remember to write it below so that you can be moved from the waiting to list to the attendance list.

20. We haven't heard of any security issues at Lubuk Mecu/Lata Medang but please be aware of your surroundings and who is around you so that you can protect yourself. Always have a buddy within earshot. There may or may not be a sweeper depending on who's available.

21. Swimming. Use of life vests and flotation devices is recommended due to dangerous currents that can suddenly occur at waterfalls. Please bring one and if possible carry rope in your bag. Be aware of how to do simple hands-only CPR.

22. Sign in/Sign out sheet and Personal Emergency Sheet

Before the start of the hike, everyone will write their name on a sheet of paper that we will put on the windshield of the organizer's car. At the end of the hike, just cross your name out or poke a hole in the paper next to your name to let the organizer know that you have left the jungle and gone home. If you want to stay later than everyone else in the waterfall/river/jungle, that is fine as long as you come to the starting point, cross your name out and then go back up. This is so that you do not cause the organizer to have to go back into the jungle to look for you. Failure to do this is serious. If we find out that you forgot to sign out and just went home, and then caused us to gear up and start search and rescue, then we will impose a financial penalty on you of RM50 so that you will have some motivation to remember basic safety rules.

Prem has prepared a personal emergency sheet. Please fill this out and keep it on your person or if you are willing provide it to the organizer.

23. No participants under 21 years of age unless accompanied by parents or legal guardian.

24. Keeping the trail clean.

Should go without saying that you must be responsible and don't litter. Be very sure not to leave any rubbish along the track and at the waterfall. We will also be very grateful to group members and volunteers who will also help take out any rubbish that is already present.

25. Enjoy yourself.

Some pictures from the last time we were there June 22, 2013:

Lubuk Mecu

Small falls on the river before Lubuk Mecu

Temple which is the meeting point at KKB

The damaged bridge

Lata Me'nang/Medang

Suspension bridge in good condition near parking area

Why it should be pronounced as "Lata Me'nang" (according to the Temuan people who live in the area) and not Lata Medang as city people seem to call it.