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Mossy Forest 1 Cameron HL - Gunung Swettenham - Rating 8.9(B) - Moderate to Hard

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are given below · Lojing

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Coordinates meet-up point: 4.595867, 101.433341 - Copy and paste these coordinates in your gps app. Some devices are not compatible with the provided map.


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The area of Cameron Highlands has quite some interesting hiking trails which are hardly used by the visiting tourists - they pluck only strawberries, visit the tea plantations and buy vegetables/flowers at the local markets. Some of them are nevertheless worth to be hiked, especially because there are trails for all fitness levels.

The hike of Gunung Swettenham (1961m) is a bit out of the way of buzzling Tanah Rata and Brinchang, but you will still get a good idea of what Cameron Highlands has to offer.

Besides the mossy forest, the vegetation consists of thousands of small bamboos, especially at the higher altitudes.

The difficulty here lies mainly in the condition of the trail. There are several obstacles (fallen trees, low branches, roots) which make it hard by itself. There are some minor up- and downhills but there are a few fierce uphill sections - even on the way back...

Unfortunately there is no view from the summit. Only the broken-down trig and the Pahang/Kelantan border stone will make it obvious that you have reached the summit.

Overall, the hike is rather moderate with some hard labour here and there...

This is a hike which is suitable for “beginners” and “less experienced hikers”, provided you are physically fit. Please read the “Beginners” hike message on the message board to avoid all misunderstandings...

Keep in mind that the travelling time from KL to Lojing will take at least three hours. We will leave the meet-up place in Lojing shortly after the meet-up time as we don't want to jeopardise our scheduled itinerary.

Hopefully carpooling can be arranged and pick-up places will depend on the residence of the participants. Those who are looking for a ride have to contact a driver in their neighbourhood, not the other way around! Each driver will fix their own carpooling fee which will be listed in the driver's details in the carpooling list. Passengers, please don't wait for your driver to ask for the fee...

It would be nice if you could change the hometown in your profile to the location of your residence (eg USJ 11, Damansara Perdana, SS 7, Sentul, Seksyen 5 Shah Alam, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Ampang, etc...). This will make carpooling efforts much easier.

In order to allow me to communicate directly with the participants, no guests are allowed. At many occasions in the past, guests were not properly briefed by their respective hosts. If you want your guests to participate, ask them to sign up as a member; it's free. They can cancel their membership after the hike if they want to.

Participation free of charge for:
* KL Hiking Meetup members who are listed as Going on the event page and have submitted a registration form prior to the event

Participation fee of RM20 for:
* non-members
* KL Hiking Meetup members who did not submit the registration form prior to their participation

Participation fees will be collected in cash on the event day.

Penalty of RM20 for:
* not signing in/collecting participation card
* not signing out/returning participation card
* lost, bent or damaged participation card
* being listed as a Now Show for three events

For penalties: Nix will contact you with further instructions.

We truly regret that we have to implement these financial measures in order to have more chance that participants will have the discipline to adhere to the few rules that we impose for their own safety.

Besides the classical hiking tips, please note the following:

* wear shoes with profile (a pattern on the soles to prevent slipping and gliding)

* rain gear is recommended

* bring a towel and some dry clothes/shoes and leave it in the car - passengers also bring some newspapers and towels in order to keep your driver's car as clean as possible

* we don't have to cross a stream

* a pair of gloves doesn't weigh that much (thorns, roots, trees, mud)

* bring a whistle, a headlamp and your personal first aid kit.

* bring enough drinks and snacks (carbohydrates). For this trip you need at least two to three liters and isotonic drinks are not a luxury. Dried fruits are preferred over chocolate...

* leech protection is not really necessary

* there are no restrooms at the car park but a few restaurants

* please be responsible and don't litter – be sure not to leave any rubbish along the track and at the summit

Likely schedule:

08:00am Meet at Masjid Lojing (Kelantan)

08:15am Start hiking

10:30am - 11:30am Reach Gunung Swettenham

<12:00pm Last person to leave the summit

01:00pm - 03:30pm Reach car park

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