Gunung Datuk-Rembau-Gagak-Puncak 701 - Rating 9.0 (B) - Hard

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This trail, which covers four hill/mountain peaks, is part of the Trans Naning trail. We will not hike the entire trans trail, but only from Datuk base camp to Puncak 701 and back.

This hike will already put quite some hikers to the test as you will be hiking a jungle roller coaster the entire day.

After the arduous climb to Gunung Datuk, we continue to the highest point of the day, Gunung Rembau. We then continue downhill and all the way up again, towards Gunung Gagak. From there on it is another 1-1.5 hour hike to Puncak 701, our return point.

This is a hike which is absolutely NOT suited for 'Beginners' and 'Less experienced' hikers. Even if you consider yourself as a medium hiker, only consider joining if your fitness level is really good.