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Sg Ampang 4-Falls Trail - 18km fr KL, behind Zoo Negara

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Its essentially a mountain bike trail - have seen many people go-up on MTBs but never had a group to try it on foot!


Located beyond Zoo Negara and next to Kampung Kemenseh, this is one of those places not known even to die-hard trekkers. You won't find it on any tourist map of Kuala Lumpur, that's for sure!

Just a few kilometres beyond the caged animals, hill forests yield a smattering of wild occupants and lingering waters. Set in secondary jungle, the leisurely walk to the jungle waterfall offers a chance to quickly leave the city behind. Forest sounds abound with birdsong whistles, cicada sawing and gibbon grunts. Those with observant eyes spot intricate plant parts, rope-like lianas, and golden moss among the clumps of bamboo, slope hugging ferns and luxuriant palms.

The Kemensah Falls hike is a quick getaway from the urban hubbub. The first part follows an old logging road through a cutover forest with plenty of open patches aside the trail. Lots of old trunks, fallen limbs and bamboo stands garnish the path that slants up slightly before flattening out. We would have reached the first falls, known as Kubang Gajah.

From here, the rest of the trail is trekking IN the river, so do come with the appropriate footwear. The river is not too deep, and at most is just up to knee-level only.

As there are limited car park spaces at the trailhead, we will have to limit the number of vehicles to SIX (6) only (EVERYONE will have to carpool from Zoo Negara to trailhead). Going by a maximum of 5 passengers in a car, our participation will be limited to 30pax. There are ample spaces to leave your cars behind the Zoo.

Besides the classical hiking tips, please note the following:
- wear shoes appropriate for river trekking
- rain gear is recommended - bring your swimming gear, as we will spend some a bit of time at each of the falls
- bring a towel and some dry clothes/shoes and leave it in the car - passengers also bring some newspapers/garbage bags and towels in order to keep your driver's car as clean as possible
- a pair of gloves doesn't weigh that much (thorns, roots, trees, mud)
- bring a whistle and your personal first aid kit
- bring enough drinks and snacks, and a light lunch
- leeches are guaranteed!
- there are NO restrooms at the car park or trailhead
- please be responsible and don't litter – be sure not to leave any rubbish along the trail and at the falls

Our likely timeline would be:

0745 Meet up, roll call and arrange car pool
0830 Reach trailhead, briefing, begin trekking
1200 Reach 4th fall > LUNCH
1330 Begin return trek [different trail]
1600 Reach trailhead, END

We will return to the trail head in a group from a different route, so do keep note that our schedule does not clash with your other activities.

HIKE RATINGS Overall Rating Moderate – 2.0 (Suitable for beginners)
Gradient: Gentle
Speed: Comfortable pace with regular breaks
Multiple ascents/descents: No
Hike: In a group
River trekking: Most of the way – knee deep, at the most
Risk Factor: Moderate, waterfalls are slippery
Event organiser knows the venue: Yes
Sweeper present: Yes, return trip only
Booties Rewards: 20
Rating specifications
Height: 1.0
Distance: 2.0
Terrain: 2.0
Average rating: 1.7
Other factors
River trekking: 0.3
Altitude below 2000m: 0.0
No exposure to elements: 0.0
Gradient: steep 0.0
Total rating: 2.0

More info on the revised rating system can be found here:

I will post the car pool list link to the conversations below once it's ready. Please also indicate if you will drive to the trailhead or park at the Zoo car park (RM3 per day). Carpool fees is not fixed, and charges are open to the individual driver. There will also be NO carpool fees for the ride from the Zoo the the trailhead.

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