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This is a meeting for music show hosts and those who want to DJ on Radio. Meeting locations change, so email [masked].

How much local music do you hear on the San Diego airwaves?
Corporate radio would have you believe that we live in a local music desert!

The truth is that San Diego has a vibrant community of local musicians and artists, but commercial radio has all but ignored local talent. Not surprising because many San Diego stations are programmed out of corporate headquarters with the same playlist as doled out in Idaho and Maine. Shame on them!

KNSJ 89.1 FM intends to revolutionize the airwaves. KNSJ is community radio and wants to change the cultural landscape with alternative programming while supporting local artists and their listeners. KNSJ pledges to play more local bands and artists than all the rest of San Diego's radio stations combined.

KNSJ intends to focus on creative and socially conscious music. John Legend, in accepting the Oscar for best song, reminded us that "it's an artist’s duty to reflect the times we're in,"... " the struggle for justice is right now." KNSJ wants to create a cultural revolution of hope, of optimism, of love and ire... inspiring collective action to save the planet. While some music is created as escapism, other music becomes anthems for consciousness and change.

KNSJ’s Local Music Summits bring together local DJs, music producers, musicians and show hosts to talk about transforming the airwaves with new local radio shows and podcasts. KNSJ’s current local shows include Sonic Sundowner with Benjamin Cossel and Train of Thought Podcast with Gill Sotu. The expectation is that the Local Music Summits will spawn a dozen other music shows from hip-hop to folk, reggae to Blues, Latin, Asian, African and Worldbeat. Many of these programs will feature interviews and insights into the musicians and their creative process as they minister through their music. The expectation is that more local music on the air will result in a growing appreciation of local cultural treasures and in time will result in larger audiences allowing for more musicians being able to sustain themselves through their craft. KNSJ looks towards the day when it becomes a clearing house for local music. KNSJ expects to host live music on the air, and co-sponsor concerts and festivals where there is a convergence of many of the performing arts including spoken word and dance. These music events will in turn support the community radio station, which depends on individual donations for its future growth.

Local musicians wanting to get their talent on the air can post their music on KNSJ at

Listen Up: No matter where you are you can listen to or use the TuneIn radio app or find us on iTunes.

For more information contact: [masked] or call[masked]