What we're about

Are you a marketer who likes board gaming? What if you could get to know and socialize with your fellow marketers while eurogaming? That's the idea.
We meet at the venue, play some eurogames, have fun, get to know each other. With traditional networking events you have to go meet the right contacts, get up to date on marketing practices, and acheive some objective. Lot's of effort, no assured success. At KPI for Sheep, the evening is 100% assured to be a success because you'll have had fun. Yes, you got to know people, talked about your marketing challenges, and shared your sage advice; but just as importantly, victory points were scored, plots were unraveled, and strategies were strategized.
This meetup is for board gaming marketers of all kinds: digital marketing, B2B, content, social, SEO, etc... If you're interested in marketing or hoping to get free marketing advice from marketing people, also welcome. This is not for MLM people. Also, this is for people who enjoy some good board gaming, think Settlers of Catan, Small World, Puerto Rico, etc... Not an experienced board gamer, but want to learn, great. If you want to play, and be among marketing people, you're welcome.

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