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Annapolis Foundation Program
Sundays at 5pm - 8pm **For enrolled students only. Buddhism teaches that to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives we need to follow a spiritual path. To follow this path it is important to be connected with a qualified teacher who can give us personal advice and encouragement, to listen to pure Dharma teachings, and to belong to a strong spiritual community. These enable us to gain deep insight into the meaning of Buddha’s teachings, to maintain a daily meditation practice that is both focused and effective, and to make genuine spiritual progress. What is the structure? • Prior to each class, students study an assigned reading homework, usually a few pages long. • Each class begins with chanted prayers and guided meditation. • The teacher reads the assigned selection from the book while giving commentary to the text. • The students divide into pairs to discuss the material. The teacher and students conclude by deciding what to meditate on in the next class and how to practice during the coming week. • Over the course of time warm friendships develop as students inspire each other, sharing insights and experiences of the spiritual path. • Students sign-up to study for a period of time or for an entire text. • Students agree to try to attend each class, learn the material, and to take a test at the conclusion of the study. You are welcome to drop-in to FP at any time to see what it is like, but please understand that this is an intensive study class. After a few weeks of sitting in you can make the decision to sign-up for the program. We are currently studying How to Understand the Mind by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. This book offers us deep insight into our mind, and shows how an understanding of its nature and functions can be used practically in everyday experience to improve our lives. Part 1 is a practical guide to developing and maintaining a light, positive mind - showing how to recognize and abandon states of mind that harm us, and to replace them with peaceful and beneficial ones. Part 2 describes different types of mind in detail, revealing the depth and profundity of the Buddhist understanding of the mind. It concludes with a detailed explanation of meditation, showing how by controlling and transforming our mind we can attain a lasting state of joy, independent of external conditions.

Kadampa Meditation Center

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We provide meditation classes and Buddhist teachings in Annapolis. Taught by qualified local teachers, the meditation classes are very relaxing and the talks are easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. Our classes are perfect for both beginners and those with experience.

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