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Thursday Kambo Circle

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Every week on Thursday

Planet Kambo

Top Floor, 21 Alma Square · London

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Please call Jon 07958 482 439 for entry upon arrival.

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Kambo begins as a very deep, cleansing therapy; physically, emotionally and mentally. Kambo contains a number of active components, many of which are potent neuropeptides which communicate directly with the brain. It is one of the world’s most powerful, natural antibiotics and has a dramatic, positive effect on the immune system. It acts as a detoxifier, clearing the liver and intestines, it improves cognitive functioning and has the potential to remove troublesome emotional blocks that have been hiding beneath the surface for a whole lifetime.

To reserve your space please book tickets online through our website. Visit our booking page to reserve & pay for your ticket through our secure online booking system.

We email the tickets & all the event details direct to your inbox.

Online booking cost £60

**Please be sure to arrive on time
**Bring 2x2 litres of water with you
**Come in a fasted state

Sacred Kambo circle where each participant will have the opportunity to receive the sacred medicine in a safe and loving environment. The Planet Kambo Team of practitioners - Jon, Noa, Fiona and Ulric will be on hand to guide you through this healing process. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive rapé tobacco snuff and sananga eye drops. These are optional.

There are certain contraindications for Kambo. Any conditions related to the heart or blood pressure can be an issue. Please feel free to ask, either a private message or alternatively request phone call before the ceremony. Participants MUST fast for 6-8 hours before the ceremony as they must have no food in the stomach when taking Kambo. Best to fast from the night before.

Call Jon for entry upon arrival-[masked]

At Planet Kambo we are passionate about healing. Healing in the most natural way - with one’s own mind and body. Kambo is an incredibly powerful, completely natural medicine that allows this authentic healing process to take place.

At Planet Kambo we have a dedicated team of experienced Kambo practitioners who are here to help you on your journey of healing. When you attend one of our circles to receive the sacred medicine you will be welcomed into a safe and loving environment where true healing and transformation can take place. Your safety and comfort is always our top priority and we aim to make you feel truly cared for as we guide you through this powerful process.

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