What we're about

The Kanban CoP is intended to be a really great place to learn, get those burning questions off your chest and to make new friends. It follows in the footsteps of the Agile Community of Practice, which often has Kanban specific questions and topics, the Kanban Community of Practice will provide a Kanban focused forum.

We pride ourselves in giving back to the Kanban community and so these exchanges are about:

Connecting Kanban practitioners so that they can collaborate and work together in the future

Creating a learning environment

Providing a place for newer practitioners and coaches to seek support

Exchanging coaching skills and experiences

Developing new concepts collaboratively that we can use when Kanban coaching

Developing ideas that will support the discipline of Kanban coaching

Having fun, sharing, and collaboration

Improving the understanding of Kanban in the wider community

The target audience is you, peers that you work with or have worked with, Kanban practitioners, and anybody with potential to be coaches. This is a group of people, who work across multiple functions of an organization, from senior members of staff, looking to adopt Lean Agile way of working or already adopted the Lean Agile way of working and willing to discuss and learn from experiences from all of us that how we can get the claimed results of lean agile way of working. Lean way of working (Kanban) claimed that By Adopting Lean (Kanban) way of working, Management can get the drastic reduction in time to market (40%-70%) & handsome improvement in productivity and Revenue generation that too, without changing our current process. Kanban makes us highly predictable up to 98%. This is the beauty of Kanban. This Group invites following people to join.

 Senior Managers

 Program and Project Managers

 Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts

 Scrum Masters, Team Leads and Change Agents

 Product & Software Developers & Testers

 Agile Coaches & Practitioners (Scrum, XP, DSDM, Agile PM, etc.)

 Other roles such as HR and Finance professionals

Please feel free to bring others along, especially people from your current workplace/engagement who could benefit from this kind of sharing event.

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