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Investing in Upstream Flow: Landscaping a smooth river from idea to execution

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About the session:
It’s great when teams reach delivery maturity with execution at speed and high quality. It’s no surprise that there’s so much emphasis on this because there are still so many people struggling. But it’s important that we don’t just learn how to do the wrong things well.
Organisations need a smoothly functioning upstream system that can take in good ideas from anywhere, triage and decide which get investment. Then safely shepherd and grow them through to adolescence until they are ready to be implemented. This is key to doing the right things well. Together with some examples, we’ll explore a range of tools and overall approaches that can build this upstream flow. Then we’ll open the session out to leverage the experiences and ideas of the group.

About the Speaker:

Tom Sedge is a freelance Management Consultant and Agile/Lean Coach. He’s on a mission to transform people’s working lives through simple principles and smart practices that turn slaves of the system into masters of their own work. He wants to create a world where people find work fun, rewarding, meaningful and satisfying.

He founded The Ambitious Manager ( ) to provide insight, strategies, tools, advice and services to ambitious managers and leaders who are passionate about improvement, willing and able to take action and ready to start.

Most of his time is spent in the “upstream” space, bridging the language gap between IT and the rest of the business. A lifelong techie, he still writes code every day.