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Agile Methodologies in Atlassian Environments

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Agile Methodologies in Atlassian Environments

nearsoft is a software company that works with development teams in different countries, often in different time zones.

They noticed that Agile events weren't usually properly executed, nor was there a follow-up and more often than not it was a waste of time to wait for everyone to be read. So, it was very hard for Management teams to really perceive the value of Agile.

They will share best practices on how they use Atlassian tools and add-ons to enable Agile methodology events for remote teams.


11:30 am Welcome, Food & Networking

11:45 am Announcements

12:00 pm Agile Methodologies in Atlassian EnvironmentsPresentation and Q & A

12:45 pm Networking

Speaker,f_auto,g_center,h_150,q_auto:good,w_150/v1/softlayer0/80135C1/media/v1/AUTH_d0619b05-07fc-49f0-8249-da585ea45ce5/atlassian/events/monica_nearsoft.jpg Monica Tye - Nearsoft Labs

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Jessica Witt, Atlassian User Group Leader

Kate Lomax, Program Coordinator,f_auto,g_center,h_700,q_auto:good,w_700/v1/softlayer0/80135C1/media/v1/AUTH_d0619b05-07fc-49f0-8249-da585ea45ce5/atlassian/featured_attendees/IMG_4603.PNG

Jim McFarlane, Program Manager,f_auto,g_center,h_700,q_auto:good,w_700/v1/softlayer0/80135C1/media/v1/AUTH_d0619b05-07fc-49f0-8249-da585ea45ce5/atlassian/featured_attendees/Jim.jpg

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