Patrick B.

Patrick B.

Organizer, Always the traitor!


Kansas City, MO

Joined group

Oct 8, 2012


Fun loving and mostly easygoing sort. I like to win, deep down don't we all? Though I'm also happy to teach others how to play a new game.

What are your favorite games?

I'm willing to play most games. Though I am starting to distance myself from "party" games. People don't answer the way I think they should and/or they can get vicious. Cooperative games are another type I'm not thrilled about. Multiple teams are great, but a game I can play alone isn't for me. That's what the computer is for.

In what part of town do you prefer to play?

I live close to downtown so most places in town are close enough for me.

Are you interested in non gaming activities with this group?

Yes! I've met some wonderful people in this group, and hope to have more events outside of gaming.

Would you be willing to host a game night at your home?

Very. I'd prefer it. I've done so many times in the past with other groups.