Beginner's topics meeting: ggplot2 graphics and reading text files with readr


Janae Nicholson will talk about reading text files using the readr library. Patrick Gauding will talk about graphs using the ggplot2 library.

A beginner's topics meeting will cover features of R that are fundamental to its use and that anyone learning R needs to know. Everyone is welcome. If you are a beginning user of R, this meeting is designed especially for you. If you are an advanced user of R, you will find that this talk will round out your knowledge of R and may show you some subtle features that you may not have been aware of. Typically, the meeting will start with brief introductions, then two talks of roughly 20 minutes each and then some time for open questions and for planning future meetings. The meeting officially ends at 2:30, but stick around afterwards for networking and socialization. We have the room reserved through 3:00pm.