Overview of PowerBI and exploring the MIMIC-III database


Ali Khan will give an overview of Power BI and illustrate R intergration with Power BI. Here's the abstract that Ali provided me.

"The session is designed to provide an overview of Microsoft’s Power BI and its ecosystem. We will highlight the operational languages used within Power BI. In the demo we will discuss how to connect/bring data into Power BI to develop data models, perform data cleansing by transforming data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device. The live demo should provide an insight into some of these features of Power BI. We will also integrate an R visual into the Power BI demo."

Earl Glynn will talk on "Exploring MIMIC-III Critical Care Data Using PostgresSQL/tidyverse/dbplyr/dplyr". He has some preliminary ifo and files online in two different repositories: