Lecture: The History of Space Food


Dr. Charles Bourland will be in conversation with Eric Ward, Vice President for Public Programs, about the history of space food.

Dr. Bourland began work at the NASA in 1969 after receiving his PhD in food science and nutrition from the University of Missouri at Columbia. He was involved in food development for Project Apollo, where he was responsible for astronaut food aboard the recovery ships for Apollos 12 and 13 and Skylab II. He later helped to develop food and packages for Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Shuttle, Shuttle/Mir, and the International Space Station.

In 2000, Dr. Bourland received the Silver Snoopy Award, presented by astronauts for outstanding performance that contributes to flight safety and mission success. In 2003, he was honored with a Faculty Alumni Award from the University of Missouri. Dr. Bourland is the co-author of a book on the history of space food, The Astronaut’s Cookbook: Tales, Recipes, and More, that also includes recipes so that you can make at home what the astronauts eat in space.

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