What we're about


SEERsTeamUP are Heavenly minded visionaries teamed up by Scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and aRtists (SEERs) to makeover the Earth: individuals transformation and communities upgrade.


TEAM UP: Everything we do, we team up with people with the best matched values & visions plus complimentary expression & expertise.

LEARN & BUILD: We learn new things by mutual coaching and team up building. We provide each SEER abundant opportunities to turn their ideas and dreams into REAL LIFE experiments and achievements, from nano-size gadget to mega size business /social movement. We aim to scale up the products and service by technologies such as AI, Blockchain, AR and cloud computing.


- Hearing Still Small Voices in Brainstorms: we start by telling stories, sharing ideas while speak prophetically onto one's calling and potentials.
-Mutual Coaching: A coach Bs on any B's interesting subject where A is good at, and versa visa.
-Para Coding: we have (bi)weekly potluck with one another's code and doc for easy read and better reuse.
-StartUp Projects & Data Science Competitions: we collaborate on various projects, typically tech related but unlimited.
-Facing the Giants: we hold forum for CEOs and CTOs to tell their stories and assist to rewrite them.


Each individual in the SEERs Team Up community is empowered to amplify of following characters. Sooner or latter down to the road, each SEER will be able to look into one other's eyes and say:

• Nurturing the Person: I accept and care for you who you are. I give you unending opportunities and generous resource to grow in your strength and passion, so that you will become the person who you are called to become. I walk with you through your growing process as your loving and reliable friend.

• Cooperative Contribution: I am responsive to your questions and requests, I give you timely, helpful, honest, specific feedback for your improvement.

• Altruism: I seek every opportunity to bring out the best of who you are made for. I value and honor who you are but not just because of what you can do for me. I inspire and encourage you to explore opportunities and exploit domain; I share knowledge and experiences, refer connections and opportunities for your betterment.

• Failing Forward :To keep you on the right Track & fast track, I am honest to and be responsible to the mistakes I made on my growing process; I learn from them instead of hiding them. I am accountable to your progress so as to honor your high calling. I practice highest integrity to protect your privacy and your intellectual properties.

• All in Contributions = All Count Rewards: When I participate a project I am all-in to contribute to best possible success of the project, simply do what I promise. Correspondingly when I am the project owner, I give sufficient credit, honor and reward to each contributor.

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