March KC Unreal Devs Meetup


This month join us a DI (Dimensional Innovations) to discuss the latest and greatest in Unreal Engine 4. We'll be discussing:

Virtual Production in UE4
Apple's ARKit in UE4
Using Virtual Cameras

Everyone from hobbiest and students to professional developers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Additionally, businesses and industries seeking to explore the capabilities of real-time game engine technology are welcome and encouraged to attend as well.


6:00 PM: Networking

Come talk with other Unreal Engine developers and Companies!

6:15 PM: Fireside Chat

Current state of Unreal...what's on the horizon.

6:30 PM: Virtual Camera Demonstration

Virtual Camera Demonstration

7:15 PM: Networking

Hang out, network, socialize, and connect.


Hosted By

Ryan Manning, Unreal Community Leader

Over the past 15+ years I've spent my life learning, leading, educating and directing multiple facets of game development, content creation, and business development. As a life-long artist, my passion is to create, enrich, and build compelling stories using game technology as my medium.

Steve Biegun, Unreal Community Leader

I am Lead Creative Technologist at Dimensional Innovations, an experience design firm in Kansas City. I lead our team's Unreal Engine development for interactive installations and VR/AR projects. Prior to joining DI, I specialized in architectural visualization and healthcare application development.