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The Kansas City Witches Meetup is a group for educating, socializing, and building community with people from varying Pagan paths in the Kansas City area. We meet in multiple places in the city and we always love to hear from new people with different perspectives whether you just started on the Pagan path, have been doing this your whole life, or are just curious about what we do. Come see us and find out what we are about!

Mission Statement

To build and strengthen the KC Pagan community through education, service, inter-connectivity and community support, and to inspire others to connect, lead, and leave the world a better place.

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KCWMU Main Event: Sympathetic Magic 101

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Sympathetic Magic is an incredibly fascinating topic as it transcends all forms of Witchcraft and Folk Magic. Join Urban Crone as she gives an exciting and informative overview of what Sympathetic Magic is, how it works, and teaches you how to make it work for you.

As always, our workshops are totally free unless you would like to offer a love offering.

KCWMU Main Event: Correspondences

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Correspondences are the tangible whats of Witchcraft and Folk Magic. For this Month's Main Event, we will cover an overview of the energetic properties of the tangible items we use in Magic, including herbs and crystals.
As always, our events are free to attend though you may make a love offering if you wish...

KCWMU Main Event: Circumstances

Needs a location

As the saying goes, "timing is everything." So can also be said for how we time our Magic. For this month's Main Event, we will explore the role Circumstances play when practicing Witchcraft and Folk Magic, how and when to decide what will work for what you are doing, and how to pivot when you have no time to wait. We will be giving an overview on Lunar Cycles, Planetary hours, Days of the Week, a tiny bit of Astrology, and Seasonal Magic.
As always, our events are free though we always appreciate a love offering if you wish.

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KCWMU Main Event: Ritual Basics and Etiquette

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